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We offer the complete lines of Pittsburgh and Dutch Standard Paints. Stop in our store today to find what you are looking for.

At Color Haven, we have a large selection of interior paint colors, finishes, and primers. We also offer color matching services. We also have a selection of exterior paints for home renovation projects. We can help you find a paint that is high quality and perfect for the surface you have. Whether you are a homeowner or contractor, trust our selection of paint to adhere to surfaces like wood, vinyl, metal, and masonry.

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Pittsburgh Paints

The history of Pittsburgh Paints goes back 100 years, to a time when paint was made with resin, milk and linseed oil. A tradition was established early, to use the best technology, manufacture the best quality products, and provide exceptional dedicated service.

Today, with over 1900 independent dealers, Pittsburgh Paints continues its foremost tradition of supplying the high quality, comprehensive product lines, leading edge technologies, and a tailored support program for each market segment.

Dutch Standard Paints

The Dutch Standard division of Harrison Paint Company offers a wide range of architectural finishes. This brand is sold exclusively in independent, privately owned paint and wallpaper stores, hardware stores and lumber yards. As an independent manufacturer, we are often able to produce items superior to the leading brands at a lower cost.

Dutch Standard Paint includes interior and exterior finishes such as house paints, wall and trim paints, premium ceiling finishes, primers, floor finishes, enamels, stains, clear finishes, professional grade paints, and light industrial coatings.

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